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This is it!









MASH Jersey

MASH has their new jersey out.  Check out the history of their design.  Currently No.1, No.3, and No.5 are available.






New Color, New Patterns and New Items

Two new patterns for our bhaisajyaguru (small messenger bag)

Complete hunting inspired bhaisajyagurus.

Tricolor Ipad case.

Tree Camouflage Ipad case.

Snow Camouflage Ipad case.

Black Monkpack (wide)

Neon Green Monkpack (wide)

Snow Camouflage Monkpack (wide)

All these items are available at MASH SF Store in San Francisco or through lazy monk.

MASH Califlanders Jersey

This is one of the best jersey design I have seen in a long time.  It is so classic.  Congratulations guys!!!

YES, I got to have one before the snowfall.  Check out these pics from their web magazine.


matching bike not included.  

MASH SF Store + Online shop

As many of you already know, MASH SF opened their first real store in SF.  In addition to the store, they have also updated their online shop.

There are just too many cool things that I do not even know where to start.  Well, if you can not make it to the real shop, they are giving you a second option.  MASH x Cinelli (choice #1.)

Matching Jersey!!!

Cinelli X you know who saddle! (got to get one while it is around)

Do not forget the sticker pack and


But the best part is to hang out with these guys over a cup of De la Paz coffee and chat about BIKE.

Cycling for cyclists. Thank you!

Team Radioshack logo pays a lot of respect towards San Francisco based cycling group MASH.  Here is the reminder.  As always, the original designed by Benny Gold is much better than the second hand version.  TRS should have consulted a person who actually knows something about cycling culture rather than going for a news value.  Frankly, it is making them look BAD.