AKO ROSHI (47 Ronin) will be installed at Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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Nakajima’s New exhibition “CEPH LAB / イカラボ” opens at Okinawa Zoo & Museum







CEPH love YOU too at UMKC Art Gallery

Ryuta Nakajima’s new exhibition “CEPH love YOU too” at UMKC Art Gallery opens tonight.  

The exhibition will run through March 31st.



CEPH LAB (update)



Ryuta Nakajima@Gallery Target TOKYO










NAKAJIMA @ Great Lakes Aquarium

This exhibition will be up until October 15th.





Aya Taira “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

平良亜弥 個展
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2011. 5.21(土) – 5.29(日)
OPEN 14:00-19:00  CLOSE 水曜日
GALLERY point-1