AKO ROSHI (47 Ronin) will be installed at Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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Deep sea stuff

Shinkai JAMSTEC ROV Deep Rover

Cephalopods Illustrations

Watasenia scintillans Mastigoteuthis flammea Chiroteuthis veranyiBathypolypus arcticus Dosidicus gigas Grimpoteuthis discoveryi Histioteuthis bonnellii Illex illecebrosus Octopoteuthis deletron Taonius borealis Vampyroteuthis infernalis Opishoteuthis depressa2

Human Genome Project in style

Humanity has produced the words of God, Nature created DNA. genome_book1



“Blue Fish by Jeanne Grut

A Coelacanth relief for  Royal Copenhagen Ver.1 & 2

Their plates and cups are beautiful but these are special.


cuttlefish communication modules by Ry Nakajima














Thank you.


Protect Japanese Harbor Seal.


Japanese Government will be killing 200 of 600 endangered Japanese Harbor seals in Hokkaido to protect Japanese Salmon fishing industry.  What a stupid idea.  This type of plan has never worked in the past and will never work.