00:20:21 O2 Assisted Apnea

26 year old Brazilian Ricardo de Bahia set the new world record of 20 minutes 21 second after taking pure oxygen for 20 minutes.

What can we do in 20 minutes?  If you have some time to waste, check out this video below.

Congratulations! Ricardo.

Please do not try this at home.


Erin Magee did it again (77m / 252 feet)

Erin Magee, current national record holder, broke her own record.  Congratulations!  

Prayer Crane Bag/SAVE JAPAN!

Aya and I are doing everything we can to support Japan.  Even if you do not need or want our bag, please remember that people in Japan needs you now!

For more information regarding this bag, please visit our website LAZY MONK

Music underwater with Finis SwiMP3

I recommend this MP3 player for all the freedivers practicing in a pool.  It really helps me to zone out.

I wish that the design is little better than this.  Finis, Please get yourself a better designer.

HECTOMETER (100m freediving without fins.)

On December 13th 2010, William Trubridge becomes the first man to freedive to 100 meters without any assistance of any kind (fins, tank, weight, etc…)


The original article can be found at deeper blue.com