AKO ROSHI (47 Ronin) will be installed at Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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Keiji Nakazawa (中沢 啓治, Nakazawa Keiji, March 14, 1939 – December 19, 2012)

RIP.  Author of “Barefoot Gen” Keiji Nakazawa passed away on December 19th.



Sergey Osipov (Netsuke Artist)

Sergey Osipov (Netsuke Artist)

Incredible work.  Please visit his website to see more of his work.  Unfortunately, he can produce only 6-8 per year due to such a labor intensive process.

I would love to have one of this cephalopod piece.

Check it out!!!













“Blue Fish by Jeanne Grut

A Coelacanth relief for  Royal Copenhagen Ver.1 & 2

Their plates and cups are beautiful but these are special.


Nakajima’s New exhibition “CEPH LAB / イカラボ” opens at Okinawa Zoo & Museum







cuttlefish communication modules by Ry Nakajima














Thank you.


Firefly Squid Update / ホタルイカ アップデイト

Watching video / ビデオ映像を見るホタルイカ

Check out its’ crazy mouth / 特殊な口の構造。

Firefly squid lighting up after watching a video / 映像に誘発され発光するホタルイカ。

Sugimoto marked each squid with color ink / マーカーをうたれたホタルイカ

Squid is just so beautiful to look at / スーパーでは絶対に見れない透明感のあるホタルイカ。

All done.  waiting to be shipped to a lab in Okinawa / 固定され沖縄の研究室へ。

See you next year! / 来年また。