lazy monk’s two new collaborative backpacks.

Aya and I are super excited about our two new collaborative backpacks, “Taavi” (black) was designed with Gladys Salmela for an America/Finish architect, David Salmela and “Maker and Goods Sashiko Monkpack” (sand)is designed with Tracy Shiraishi in Hawai’i for his new project, MAKER and GOODS.  “Taavi” is even more minimal than our original monkpack.  We have cut down everything other than what is essential to be a backpack.  “Maker and Goods Sashiko Monkpack” is our first sashiko monkpack which will be available through Tracy.  














“Blue Fish by Jeanne Grut

A Coelacanth relief for  Royal Copenhagen Ver.1 & 2

Their plates and cups are beautiful but these are special.


MASH Jersey

MASH has their new jersey out.  Check out the history of their design.  Currently No.1, No.3, and No.5 are available.