Recommended Evacuation plan by Japanese Government in March

Japanese government was getting ready to evacuate everyone with in 250km radius from the Fukushima plant and abandon the land.

This recommendation was made by Shunsuke Kondo, the chief of Japan Atomic Energy Commission.   Imagine over 26 million people trying to run away from radiation.





Decontamination Map that does not include the Ocean.

What is strange about this map is that decontamination area is divided clean on a prefectural border line as if there is an invisible wall.  Nigata, for example, is where high quality rice is harvested every year and it seems that Nigata prefecture refuses to check for the radiation contamination level to protect their rice business.



金正日死去 Kim Jong Il dies (2/16/1946- 12/17/2011)



Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Invertebrate Zoology, Cephalopod)

I spent some time looking at 30 hours of deep sea squid footages and specimen samples at NMNH last week.  What an incredible experience to see their cephalopod collection which dates all the way back to the first ocean expedition in 19th century.  Here are some samples.  This professional visit was made possible by Dr. Mike Vecchione, National Marine Fisheries Service.







New Color, New Patterns and New Items

Two new patterns for our bhaisajyaguru (small messenger bag)

Complete hunting inspired bhaisajyagurus.

Tricolor Ipad case.

Tree Camouflage Ipad case.

Snow Camouflage Ipad case.

Black Monkpack (wide)

Neon Green Monkpack (wide)

Snow Camouflage Monkpack (wide)

All these items are available at MASH SF Store in San Francisco or through lazy monk.

RIP Bill Tapia (January 1, 1908 – December 2, 2011)