00:20:21 O2 Assisted Apnea

26 year old Brazilian Ricardo de Bahia set the new world record of 20 minutes 21 second after taking pure oxygen for 20 minutes.

What can we do in 20 minutes?  If you have some time to waste, check out this video below.

Congratulations! Ricardo.

Please do not try this at home.


Greg Noll x Element skateboards

Thanks to Greg Noll and Element Skateboards, A little Japanese girl in Minnesota is enjoying her first skateboard and dreaming of big waves at Waimea.

Da Bull Board

Da Bun Board

MASH SF Store + Online shop

As many of you already know, MASH SF opened their first real store in SF.  In addition to the store, they have also updated their online shop.

There are just too many cool things that I do not even know where to start.  Well, if you can not make it to the real shop, they are giving you a second option.  MASH x Cinelli (choice #1.)

Matching Jersey!!!

Cinelli X you know who saddle! (got to get one while it is around)

Do not forget the sticker pack and


But the best part is to hang out with these guys over a cup of De la Paz coffee and chat about BIKE.

Baby squid in Space.

Three bobtail squid babies were launched into space on the Space Shuttle. Have a safe trip!

Aya Taira “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

平良亜弥 個展
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2011. 5.21(土) – 5.29(日)
OPEN 14:00-19:00  CLOSE 水曜日
GALLERY point-1

Cycling for cyclists. Thank you!

Team Radioshack logo pays a lot of respect towards San Francisco based cycling group MASH.  Here is the reminder.  As always, the original designed by Benny Gold is much better than the second hand version.  TRS should have consulted a person who actually knows something about cycling culture rather than going for a news value.  Frankly, it is making them look BAD.

Lazy Monk’s new mascot “Mr & Mrs KATO.”