Nakajima @ IAS

Come and hang out with Ry and other Scientists talking about squid, cuttlefish and octopus at IAS.



This is IT.  It looks soooo GOOD!  Congratulations JAL! Let’s forget about the modernist design.


A helmet will not save you from crazies.


GIRL’S KEIRIN is coming back this July.  This may change the public image of Keirin in Japan.  We will find out.




Marine Debris = Art

What should we do with millions of tons of Marine Debris which continue to damage our planet.

Oh, make art with it.  Aurora Robson has done just that.  Very cool.  Marine Debris floating in the pacific ocean is about twice as big as Texas.  We got a lot of Art to make.

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RIP Hiroko Nagata dies at the Tokyo Detention House

Hiroko Nagata (URA) dies at the Tokyo Detention House at the age of 65.

RIP Gary Moore