Hollywood is outdated & overrated. ENDHIRAN is here from INDIA!


Quick GUNpAM update.

WELL DONE!!!   What a Beauty!!!

Letterman Jacket





Weapon of your choice.

All of these weapons were confiscated by Japanese Police.  (Images originally posted on JIJI.com)



Minnesota = Hockey





Census of Marine Life / Ryuta Nakajima

I am super excited to be a part of Census of Marine Life website.


2,700 scientists
80+ nations
540 expeditions
US$ 650 million
2,600+ scientific publications
6,000+ potential new species
28 million distribution records and counting

These numbers only begin to describe the scope of the Census of Marine Life, a 10-year international effort undertaken in to assess the diversity (how many different kinds), distribution (where they live), and abundance (how many) of marine life—a task never before attempted on this scale. The Census stimulated the discipline of marine science by tackling these issues globally, and engaging some 2,700 scientists from around the globe, who participated in 540 expeditions and countless hours of land-based research. The scientific results were reported on October 4, 2010.


Blue Fin Tuna @ $395,761.01

Tokyo Fish Market opened today.  The highest bid for a Blue Fin Tuna was $395,761.01 which makes about $500 per pound.  Crazy!!!  I think 50% of that money should go to Marine Life Conservation.