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1/1 scale (?) GUNPAM in China

Chinese Gunpam (taller than Japanese Gundam) done with this beautiful and traditional gold with pink accent. Great job!  The shine from the nylon tape like futuristic material represents festivity and 4000 years of Chinese cultural excellence.

Traditional Bamboo scaffolding was used for the construction of this master piece.   The oversized hands and the central pelvic area are the perfect example of “originality” that the Chinese manufacture of this Ganpam was talking about.  Well done!

On the other hand, See this Japanese GANDAM.  It has all these details that may not be  necessary at all and it does not have the beautiful gold nylon tape. What were they thinking?  The model almost too carefully refined the meager 30 years (as opposed to 4000 years) of  Gundam Anime design.

This is simply too much and too good.  Japanese culture needs to relearn the idea of Wabi Sabi.


2011 MASH SF KIT looks great as usual.  I am very happy that they made a jacket and wool socks this year.  We need them in Minnesota.

Congratulations to Mike and Gabe.




Music underwater with Finis SwiMP3

I recommend this MP3 player for all the freedivers practicing in a pool.  It really helps me to zone out.

I wish that the design is little better than this.  Finis, Please get yourself a better designer.

HECTOMETER (100m freediving without fins.)

On December 13th 2010, William Trubridge becomes the first man to freedive to 100 meters without any assistance of any kind (fins, tank, weight, etc…)


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painting zombies exhibition update


These songs make my heart beat faster.

Shinya Aoki