New School Freediving!

As some of you know, I love spending time in the ocean.  If I can, I would spend all day playing with a little goby.  Today, my new monofin arrived from Water Way Company.  I bought my first monofin after watching a film by Luc Besson “Le Grand Blue” in 1988.  Although, I did not know (still don’t) anything about Freediving, there was something poetic and sublime about holding breath and diving down over  400 feet.  20 years later, I just got another urge to freedive. So, I contacted Performance Freediving for some help. If you are interested in freediving/spearfishing, I highly recommend these guys.  Just check out some of their new school freediving videos.

Erin MaGee helped me select my fin.  How often do we get to correspond with the national record holder for an advise in anything?  Very cool.

Another video with Erin.  The other diver  is Kirk Krack who was one of the freediver for OSCAR winning documentary film “The COVE“.  Very Cool again.


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