1/1 scale Architeuthis (aka Giant Squid) on paper.

Ryuta Nakajima just finished his 1/1 scale Giant Squid drawing.  This piece is dedicated to Sigmar Polke and Frederick Aldrich.


Nakajima’s works will be at Bishop Museum Hawai’i.

Steve vs TARGET

Steve MacDonald‘s (aka ramblin worker) work was lifted, appropriated and/or stolen by TARGET.  It is kind of funny that a tall bike is consider to be a “Room Essential.”

Turtle Video/亀の恩返し

A friend of mine, Pete Eversoll just set me a beautiful video shot by a sea turtle.  Better than many contemporary video projects which tries too hard in many ways.


Sigmar Polke (2/13/1941 – 6/10/2010)

Thanks for all the inspiration you have given.


I just watched The Cove.  I originally thought that this film is one of those propaganda against Japanese.  However, after seen the film, I found out that it is NOT about Japanese bashing by a crazy director, a criminal and fanatic animal rights activists.  Rather, it is about the deep corruption in Japanese society, multi-billion dollar WildLife Business and the World politics.  If you have a chance, please watch it.  Again, this film is not about the killing of Dolphins in Japan.  The Dolphins function as a metaphor for many other things in our life.

THE COVE 観ました。もし,機会があったら是非観てください。メディアではなんだかんだ言っていますがすばらしい映画だと思います。これはイルカの話しではなく腐りきった日本の社会をイルカという媒体を使って浮き彫りにしています。それから、多分マグロは食べない方が良いと思います。この映画をマグロに置き換えて観てみてください。なぜ、日本政府、水産省の役人、地元、ヤクザがこれほど必死にこの映画をたたいているかすぐに分かると思います。そして、犠牲になっているのはいつも一般人です。

NOKIA Bicycle Charger KIT

We need something like this, a water proof case/ bike mount and a good cycle computer application for iphone.