Louise Bourgeois (December 25, 1911 – May 31, 2010)

Au revoir, Louise.  Merci.


Bellissimo!!! BASSO gets #2!

Welcome back Basso.  I have been waiting for this.

RIP – Dennis Hopper

Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

Miltos Manetas I Piracy Manifesto

Huge mess in California. Floyd speaks out!

or actually, sends mass email.

Cyclist Armstrong Denies Doping”

Les aveux fracassants de Landis

3 Rensho on Mike Giant

8 years ago, I helped Mike and Gabe from MASH get  two track bikes from Japan, Kalavinka for Mike and 3 Rensho for Gebe. Back then, it was not very difficult to find these master pieces locked up in some Kerin enthusiast’s closet.  Mr. Tanabe from Kalavinka helped me pack and ship these two beautiful bikes for them.  Yesterday, Mike sent me a pic with Gabe’s 3 Rensho in its original condition on Mike Giant’s poster.  It was very touching to see the bike again.  I truly enjoyed the moment when things from the past popping up in completely new and unexpected context.  Thanks Mike, Gabe and Mike Ginat.

Pat Martino x Robert Benedetto

My favorite guitar player Pat Martino joined up with my favorite guitar maker Robert Benedetto.

Pat and Bob (Coolest guys around.)

Pat with his new Benedetto guitar which is custom made for him.  (first string at 0.15 or 0.16)