100,000 gathered requesting the US military base removal from the island.


Benny Gold SF Store

Benny Gold, designer opened his store in SF this monday.  If you are in the area, check it out.

Congratulations! Benny!

Custom lazy monk bag

Aya just found this on the web.  It is nice to see our bag popping up like this.  If you are using one of our bags, please send us some pics.

こんな風に使ってくれてうれしいです。lazy monkのバッグを使っている方、是非写真を送ってください。


KO’s BS Anchor

KO, artist/monk just sent me what he did to Anchor.  Whoever gets to ride this one is a luck guy.  Beautiful job as usual, Congratulations, KO!!!

BS Anchor PHM9 released!

Linn Drum

Andy Messerschmidt brought his Linn Drum.  It is amazing to see this legendary drum machine.  This is the origin of Akai MPC.

Just for fun, we opened it up to see the inside.  The every sound patch has its own chip.

2010 Paris- Roubaix (aka Hell of the North)

Congratulations!  Fabian did it again.