Clarence Morgan

Clarence Morgan just sent me images of his recent works.  I love his new paintings which have a great sense of repetitions and permutations. For some reason, a painting looks its best in a studio.

There are more paintings on his website.  Check them out.

Artist Statement:

My continued embrace of drawing is actually a return to a practice that I have come to accept as the cornerstone of my artistic ambition. Drawing is not only the foundation of painting from my perspective but it also symbolizes the prospect of a certain type of visceral intelligence. This astuteness is made possible through the function of a disciplined formal structure, repetition and the ability to locate order within arbitrary situations. I am now confident in my view that drawing exist as an authentic record of the process and experience of thought itself instead of simply a visual reference to the material objects around us. It is drawing that underscores my studio practice no matter if the end result is a painting, print, sculpture, or collage. The fullness of whatever ideas, if any, that might be revealed in my work can be detected in the way drawing makes itself known as a vehicle of thought–as a way of responding to whatever is going on internally. As an artist, I am interested in pursuing the kind of collective thinking and sustained application of thought that unfolds slowly over time and with humbleness. The forms, shapes and linear elements in each composition unfold differently depending on random visual associations, spatial dynamics and emotive inclinations. Intuition and my discernment of how form and line are activated in pictorial space serve as the catalyst for my studio practice.

Clarence Morgan


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