Gaye Chan in Minneapolis!!!

Department Chair Gaye Chan will have her work included in the upcoming international exhibition Love Never Dies showing atForm + Content Gallery and Traffic Zone Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This international exhibition explores the themes of marriage, family, relationships, aging,and generational change in the LGBTQ communities. The artworks were produced with a variety of media including collage, digital formats, film/video, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.
Love Never Dies will show at Form + Content Gallery from May 20- June 27, 2010 and will show at Traffic Zone Gallery from May 20 – July 16, 2010. Opening reception is June 5, 2010 7-10 pm, at both galleries the same night.


Custom ETC…

I love seeing people custom make their possession such as bike, bicycle, car, clothing, etc…  and it is even more interesting to see when their aesthetic principles override the original function and contexts.


Kids putting some motorcycle custom parts on their bicycle.

Beautiful Japanese motorcycle gang bike.  The idea of aerodynamics and comfort are out the window.

I thought it was Gundam.

Nothing to say.

DECO-TORA / デコトラ

Google x Akira Kurosawa

What a postmodern hybrid.  I think the house in the background supposed to be from Seven Samurai.

David Dilworth (aka DigDug) on Above Ground

DigDug, artist/producer just did an interview with Above Ground.  His new album will be coming out next week (March 23rd) from Uncommon Records.  Check it out!!!

Ecology (true cargo bikes in Japan)

Every time I go back to Japan, two things always catch my attention, homeless carrying bags full of empty cans on his bike and old Japanese cargo bike called Riacar (rear car).  As Design technology advances, many new ideas and inventions fill our lives.  At the same time, I am more intrigued by these simple and old methods which represent sense of creativity, flexibility and truthfulness.