We just made “Geddan”- MC137

My students (adam, andy, michelle, mike and ryan) made “GEDDAN”  with Aya Kawaguchi and Digdug form Agartha Audio as  special guest advisers.

ゲッダン作ってみました。作家の河口彩さんとAgartha AudioのDigdugが色々手伝ってくれました。


Eyes for Urchins and Tools for Octopus

Matt Kaplan just pubished two very interesting articles on See Urchin and Octopus.

Dr. Snoke Johnsen at Duke University found that urchins use their spines to see (senses light).  Make sure to wave “Hi” next time you see them on the beach.

Eyeless Urchins “See” with Spines, National Geographic News (February 5th 2010)


Dr. Mark Norman video taped an octopus carrying a coconut shell for protection.

“Bizarre”Octopuses Carry Coconuts as Instant Shelters, National Geographic New (December 15th 2009)

HOT TOYS (super real figure) 1/6 scale

Japanese toy manufacturers have been making hyper-real toys for over dacade.  These figures made by HOT TOYS are exceptional.

マイケルの髪の毛がスゲー。ロッキーのブーツも、、、ブラピの手、、、 マイケルの腕,血管が浮き出てる!?

YO YO CRAZY / ヨーヨー

I just came across these.  They are beautiful.  yoyonation