In progress/製作中

Ryuta Nakajima is working on his new large scale drawings of Coelacanth.  They are all painted 1/1 scale.


pink and gold in progress.  ( I know it looks red)

Studio view.


Andy Messerschmidt (New Works)

Kalavinka Carbon Track Update

I posted some picture of Kalavinka’s new carbon track bike.  I just visited their site to find more recent photos.  It looks so good (Baby Blue!!!  Wow!)

As some of you may have heard that BS Anchor is going to release their new carbon track bikes  PHM9S and PHM9M very soon.  I am so curious to see what they did.

カラヴィンカのカーボントラックの写真がカラヴィンカのサイトにアップされていました。美しい!!! 特にベイビーブルーのが、、、、、