Ryuta Nakajima at Cutlog in Paris.

Ryuta Nakajima will be showing his recent photographs at Cutlog ( contemporary art fair ) in Paris from 22nd -25th of October.




Davin Watne on Artisaday

Davin Watne is the featured artist of the day for http://www.igoogle.com’s artist a day gadget.  Also at http://www.artistaday.com/



Peter Eversoll at LoDi Project


For more info: LoDi Project

WHY NOW? 何で今頃?

I found this photo on the net.  A Japanese University was dissecting Coelacanthus.  I just wonder if there is any real reason for doing this other than getting famous.  I think this fish means more to us alive than dead.  By the way, the guy in the middle of this photo is our emperor.

天皇招いてシーラカンスの解剖??? こんな事に何の意味があるのかはなはだ疑問に思う。馬鹿な学者が有名になりたいが為に地元の漁師に高い金を払って一匹買ってきただけでしょ。確か日本で初めてのシーラカンスの解剖は30年ほど前だったと思う。この記事と一緒になんか新しい発見があったのか教えてほしい。個人的意見だけど、生きたシーラカンスの方が研究の価値がある様に思えてならない。


Steve MacDonald (Ramblin Worker) at Gallery Three!

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Gallery Three is proud to present “Upstairs Is Where The Magic Happens,” a new body of work by Steve MacDonald.  Intermixing gold, silver and explosive colors, MacDonald creates enchanting worlds made of thread and paint. Please join us for the opening reception on November 7th from 7-11 pm. Steve MacDonald is no stranger to the art community. Known as a jack of all trades, master of one, he finds his own unique niche in sewing. His artwork has paved the way for a number of creative ventures including designs for Modest Mouse, PUMA, MASH and most recently Huf SF.

Steve MacDonald’s embroidery embraces alternative forms of visual expression by diverging from domestic and industrial traditions of sewing. With an obvious attempt to use less paint than thread, he creates images that command fine craft and a still hand. His process begins by cutting up painter’s canvases and re-sewing them like patchwork to achieve an unorthodox template. He then maps out a rough sketch on the canvas and traces an outline with his Singer 503a. His vibrant colors of thread obtrude from the canvas with overlapping patterns, creating a contoured surface. Inspired by the urban and natural landscapes of the Bay Area, his multicolored clouds of smoke stream from the city skyline sewn with gold, red and blue threads. The combination of pattern and contrasting colors tend to create optical allusions, guiding the eye back and forth across the canvas, entrancing the viewer.

Ramblin Worker is a San Francisco based artist. He began his formal art education at the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned a BFA in sculpture. He later went on to earn a MFA at UC Berkeley. In addition to his solo art projects, he’s been engaged in a number of collaborative endeavors across the country and around the world.